Cherry Blossom & Sweet Pea Wax Melt – 50g Snap Bar


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Discover the Delightful Aroma of Lucia Rose Cherry Blossom and Sweet Pea Wax Melts


Indulge in the delightful aroma of our Cherry Blossom and Sweet Pea Wax Melts. These wax melts encapsulate the delicate sweetness of cherry blossoms in full bloom, paired with the light, refreshing scent of sweet peas. The result is a fragrance that is both uplifting and calming, transforming your space into a tranquil garden retreat. Each bar provides around 60 hours of fragrance, allowing you to enjoy this serene garden oasis in your living room for longer.


Why Lucia Rose Wax Melts are the Perfect Choice for Your Home

Lucia Rose Wax Melts aren’t your average wax melts. They’re cruelty-free, vegan, and pet-friendly, making them a treat for your senses and a friend to the environment. Plus, they come in a handy shape with 10 individual squares, each providing about 6 hours of scent. Just snap off a few squares when you fancy a change and pop them into your tea light or electric wax melt burner.

But that’s not all. Lucia Rose offers a variety of other enchanting scents, such as the Strawberry and Lilly Wax Melts, that are just as captivating. Whether you’re a fan of floral, fruity, or fresh scents, there’s a Lucia Rose Wax Melt that’s perfect for you.

So, if you’re looking for a way to make your home smell gorgeous and feel cosy, give these Lucia Rose Cherry Blossom and Sweet Pea Wax Melts a try. You won’t be disappointed!