Branded Wax Melts

Lucia Rose Branded Wax Melts – Inspired By Designer Fragrances

Welcome to Lucia Rose Branded Wax Melts. We’ve taken inspiration from some of the world’s most iconic designer scents to create a unique range of wax melts that bring luxury and sophistication into your home. Each fragrance is meticulously crafted to reflect the characteristic notes and nuances of beloved designer brands such as Dior, Jimmy Choo, Jo Malone, and more.

Quality in Every Wax Melt

Our wax melts are more than just delightful fragrances; they represent our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. All Lucia Rose Branded Wax Melts are lovingly handcrafted with vegan-friendly soy wax, sprinkled with bio-glitter, and specially formulated to be pet friendly. Packaged in a convenient chocolate-bar format with ten easily separable squares, you can choose the intensity of your fragrance experience by deciding how many squares to use.

In our Branded Wax Melts collection, you’ll find an array of scent categories. Perhaps you’re drawn to the allure of Aftershave inspired wax melt scents, capturing the essence of classic masculinity. Maybe the sweet, homely notes found within our Bakery wax melt category are what you’re after. Or, for those seeking a fresh, clean aroma, our Detergent wax melt inspired range could be just the ticket.

And for those who enjoy a surprise or simply can’t decide, we’ve created our Wax Melt Mystery Boxes. Filled with an assortment of scents, these boxes are a fun and exciting way to experience the Lucia Rose range.

To celebrate your journey with Lucia Rose, we’re offering a 20% discount when you buy 5 or more wax melt snap bars. Just use the discount code ‘200ff5‘ at checkout and start your Lucia Rose Branded Wax Melts collection today.

At Lucia Rose, we believe in the transformative power of scent. It has the capacity to evoke memories, change moods, and create atmospheres. With our Branded Wax Melts, you can bring the iconic scents of leading designer brands into your home. Enjoy the sensory journey and elevate your everyday living with Lucia Rose. Start your scent story today.