Dior Wax Melts

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Dior Wax Melts by Lucia Rose – Evoke the Spirit of High Fashion at Home

Experience the sophistication and charm of our Dior Wax Melts, brought to you by Lucia Rose. Drawing inspiration from the globally renowned designer brand, Dior, we have expertly crafted scents that are identical to the famous designers fragrances.

Quality and Craftsmanship in Every Wax Melt

All our Dior Wax Melts are a product of careful consideration and artistry. Made from eco-conscious soy wax and shimmering bio-glitter, our melts are both pet and vegan-friendly. The handy chocolate bar-like design ensures you have complete control over your fragrance experience. Just snap off a few squares to use as you need in your wax melt burner, and let the enchanting aroma fill your space.

Our Dior Wax Melts are just one part of a diverse array of scent categories. If you’re looking for a scent that encapsulates the crisp freshness of just-washed linens, our washing scented wax melts range is the perfect choice. Perhaps you fancy a fruity twist? Our Fruit wax melt category offers a delightful array of zesty, sweet, and tangy fragrances.

Explore Designer-Inspired Scents

In addition to our Dior Wax Melts, Lucia Rose also offers an array of other designer-inspired wax melts. Our collections range from the captivating Jimmy Choo Wax Melts to the intriguingly fragrant Viktor & Rolf Wax Melts. Each line is a testament to our dedication to bringing you the very essence of these sought-after brands right into your living space.

For the adventurous at heart, we propose our Wax Melt Mystery Boxes. These boxes are packed with an exciting variety of our fragrances, providing a unique way for you to discover the wide range of Lucia Rose scents.

Lucia Rose is more than just a purveyor of wax melts; we’re passionate about creating atmospheres. We know that the right scent can set the mood, trigger memories, and even transform a house into a home. Our Dior Wax Melts offer you a chance to inject your space with a touch of luxury. So why wait? Start your Lucia Rose journey today and elevate your everyday living with the elegant charm of our Dior Wax Melts.

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