Jo Malone Wax Melts

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Jo Malone Wax Melts by Lucia Rose – Embrace Luxury with Every Breath

Delight your senses with the elegance and sophistication of Jo Malone with Lucia Rose’s handcrafted Jo Malone Wax Melts. These wax melts capture the essence of the prestigious Jo Malone brand, bringing its iconic scents into your home.

Handcrafted Delights

Every Jo Malone Wax Melt produced by Lucia Rose is a testament to our commitment to quality, ethical production, and environmental consciousness. Crafted with soy wax and a touch of bio glitter, these melts are not only vegan and pet-friendly, but they also bring a dash of sparkle to your daily life. The chocolate bar design makes it effortless to use – simply snap off a few squares, place them in your wax melt burner, and let the luxurious aroma of Jo Malone fill your space.

The fragrance of our Jo Malone Wax Melts evokes a sense of sophistication and tranquility. Whether you’re unwinding after a long day or setting the mood for a relaxing evening, these scents are perfect for creating an inviting and luxurious atmosphere in your home.

Explore a World of Fragrances

Lucia Rose doesn’t stop at Jo Malone. We offer a range of designer-inspired wax melts, including scents inspired by the likes of Lancome and Viktor & Rolf. Just like our Jo Malone Wax Melts, each of these products is crafted with care and attention to detail, providing you with a top-notch fragrance experience.

And for those who love a surprise, we offer wax melt mystery boxes. These boxes contain an assortment of wax melt snap bars, giving you the chance to discover and fall in love with new scents. Plus, don’t forget our special offer: a 20% discount on purchases of 5 or more wax melt snap bars with the code ‘200ff5‘.

So, whether you’re already a fan of Jo Malone or you’re looking to discover new fragrances, our Jo Malone Wax Melts are a perfect choice. Experience the luxurious world of designer scents with Lucia Rose today!

  • English Pear and Freesia Wax Melt – 50g Snap Bar

  • Jo Malone Wax Melt Gift Box – 150g

  • Lime Basil and Mandarin Wax Melt – 50g Snap Bar

  • Peony and Blush Suede Wax Melt – 50g Snap Bar

  • Pomegranate Noir Wax Melt – 50g Snap Bar

  • Sea Salt & Wood Sage Wax Melt – 50g Snap Bar

  • Vanilla and Anise Wax Melt – 50g Snap Bar

  • Velvet & Rose Oud Wax Melt – 50g Snap Bar