Blue Wax Melts

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Welcome to the world of Lucia Rose’s Blue Wax Melts

In the vibrant world of Lucia Rose, we invite you to explore the serene charm of our Blue Wax Melts. These handcrafted wax melts, suffused with colour reminiscent of the clear summer sky or the mysterious depths of the ocean, bring an element of calm and tranquility to your space.

Lucia Rose’s Blue Wax Melts are lovingly handcrafted, echoing the quality and attention to detail that defines our brand. Our soy wax base and bio glitter give them a sparkling finish, creating a delightful visual treat even before they start to melt. Each bar comes with ten individual squares, so you can tailor the strength of the scent to your preference, snapping off squares as needed.

Creating Atmosphere with Blue Wax Melts

With our Blue Wax Melts, you can create a soothing atmosphere, transporting you to a coastal retreat or a peaceful summer’s day. Perfect for those times when you need relaxation, their calming scent is an antidote to a stressful day. Try them in your wax burner after a long day and let the scents carry your worries away.

Sustainable and Kind Choices

Lucia Rose’s wax melts are not only beautiful and fragrant but also conscious of our wider responsibilities. Our wax melts are vegan friendly and pet friendly, making them a choice you can feel good about. The soy wax we use is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than traditional paraffin wax, and it’s a cleaner burn too.

A Mysterious Journey of Scents

From our Birthday cake scented wax melts that spark a joyful celebration, to the Summer themed ones that bring a fresh, vibrant energy, we offer a range of seasonal scent categories. Without revealing too much, we encourage you to explore our Spring and Autumn collections too. Each category is carefully crafted to embody the spirit of the season, creating a truly immersive sensory experience.

More than Just Blue Wax Melts

While our Blue Wax Melts hold a special place in our collection, we also offer an array of other colours. From Cream to Green and intriguing Black, there’s a hue and a fragrance for every mood and preference. We even have multi-coloured wax melts, each one a unique piece of art made through a special technique of pouring different coloured waxes.

Lucia Rose: Your Partner for Fragrant Journeys

With Lucia Rose, you’re not just buying wax melts. You’re investing in a sensory journey that’s designed to enhance your everyday moments. So, place your Blue Wax Melts on your wax melt burner, sit back, and allow the rich scents to fill your space, transforming it into a place of serenity and relaxation.

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