Green Wax Melts

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Welcome to the Enchanted Garden of Lucia Rose’s Green Wax Melts

Lucia Rose’s Green Wax Melts invite you into a verdant oasis of calming fragrances. These soy wax melts, imbued with bio mica powder for that extra sparkle, effortlessly transport you to a lush garden brimming with the freshness of nature. With their vibrant hue and revitalising scents, our Green Wax Melts infuse any space with a sense of serenity and renewal.

Lucia Rose’s Commitment to Quality

Every one of our Green Wax Melts is an emblem of Lucia Rose’s dedication to premium craftsmanship. Our wax melts, shaped like chocolate bars with ten squares, allow you to tailor your fragrance experience to your liking. Moreover, all Lucia Rose products are vegan and pet-friendly, reaffirming our dedication to ethical, sustainable production.

Green Wax Melts: The Essence of Nature

Step into a world of botanical bliss with our Green Wax Melts. Perfect for creating a tranquil environment, their soothing aroma is a gentle nudge to take a deep breath and immerse yourself in nature’s harmony. Simply place them in your wax melt burner, and allow the revitalising fragrance to fill your space.

Capturing the Seasons in Fragrance

Our Green Wax Melts come in a variety of seasonal scents, each designed to capture the spirit of different times of the year. From the festivity of Easter to the warmth of Autumn and the rejuvenating spirit of Spring, our scents are an invitation to embark on an olfactory journey through the seasons.

A Symphony of Colours and Fragrances

While our Green Wax Melts offer a unique sensory experience, Lucia Rose’s palette doesn’t stop there. We offer a spectrum of coloured wax melts, including the serene Blue wax melts, sophisticated Cream, and the vibrant Red wax melts, to name just a few. For those seeking a colourful adventure, our multi-coloured wax melts, crafted using a unique layering technique, promise a visual and aromatic feast.

Your Lucia Rose Experience

At Lucia Rose, we believe in more than just selling wax melts; we create immersive experiences that fill your home with comfort, warmth, and a touch of magic. So, ignite your wax melt burner, allow the scent of our Green Wax Melts to permeate your space, and let Lucia Rose transform your everyday moments into extraordinary memories.