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The Tom Ford Inspired Wax Melt Gift Box by Lucia Rose

Elevate your fragrance experience with our exclusive Tom Ford Wax Melt Gift Box from Lucia Rose. A collection of our most sought-after, designer-inspired scents, this exquisite wax melt gift box promises to transport you to a world of luxury with every sniff.

Delve into a Journey of Unmatched Fragrances

This extraordinary Tom Ford Wax Melt Gift Box invites you to a unique scent journey, encapsulating four of our favourite, designer-inspired scents. Each snap bar – whether it’s the audacious allure of Lost Cherry wax melt, the unapologetic boldness of our F***ing Fabulous wax melts, the tantalising charm of our Bitter Peach wax melts, or the sun-kissed elegance of our Soleil Blanc wax melts – is meticulously curated to mirror the exact scent profile of its Tom Ford inspiration, yet in no way associated or affiliated with the original designer.

Savour the Convenience of Exceptional Scents

Experience the luxury of choice and convenience with our easily snappable wax melt snap bars. Choose your scent, snap a piece off, and watch as your surroundings transform with the rich, mesmerising aroma released from your wax burner.

Choose Lucia Rose: Where Ethical Luxury Meets Exceptional Fragrance

Choosing our Tom Ford Wax Melt Gift Box means more than inviting an array of beautiful scents into your home. It’s a conscious choice for ethical, luxury fragrance experiences. Each wax melt is thoughtfully crafted using cruelty-free, vegan-friendly soy wax, ensuring a luxurious scent that’s as kind to animals and the planet as it is to your senses. And yes, all our wax melts are pet-friendly too!

An Exquisite Gift for Every Occasion

Our Tom Ford Wax Melt Gift Box, is the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or ‘just because’, it’s a present that shows thoughtfulness, sophistication, and a fine appreciation of luxury scents.

Celebrate the opulence of the Tom Ford Inspired Wax Melt Gift Box and the conscious ethos of Lucia Rose. It’s not just a sensory experience, but a celebration of ethical luxury that brings the best of designer-inspired fragrances into your everyday life.

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