Orange Wax Melts

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Invigorating Aroma Experience: Lucia Rose’s Orange Wax Melts

Lucia Rose’s Orange Wax Melts are a vibrant sensory treat, designed to transport you to a world of invigorating aromas. Our Orange Wax Melts are handcrafted from high-quality soy wax and pet-friendly bio glitters, creating a captivating scent experience that is as visually delightful as it is fragrant.

Crafted with Expertise and Care

Each Orange Wax Melt is a testament to Lucia Rose’s passion for quality and craftsmanship. These melts, resembling chocolate bar squares, are easy to portion, ensuring the fragrant essence can be appreciated over multiple uses. The fusion of colour and scent promises an invigorating experience that stimulates your senses and breathes life into your surroundings.

Scents for Every Season

Our Orange Wax Melts are not just about the vibrant colour; they also offer a captivating olfactory journey. With scents perfect for various occasions, from the warmth of a Summer day to the delightful chill of a Spring morning, our seasonal scent categories cater to your diverse aromatic preferences.

The Art of Fragrance

While our Orange Wax Melts are a celebration of vibrant colour and zesty scents, Lucia Rose’s palette extends beyond a single hue. Our colourful range, from soothing Cream and vibrant Green to mysterious Black and calming Blue, invites you on an exploratory journey through a world of fragrances.

Embrace the Lucia Rose Experience

At Lucia Rose, we aim to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary sensory experiences. Our handcrafted Orange Wax Melts invite you to immerse yourself in a world of invigorating scents that uplift your mood and fill your space with vibrancy. So, embark on your fragrant journey with Lucia Rose, and let our Orange Wax Melts turn your everyday into an extraordinary aroma adventure.

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