Red Wax Melts

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Red Wax Melts – A Colour to Stir Emotions

Embrace passion, energy, and love with our Red Wax Melts, handcrafted by Lucia Rose. This vibrant hue, often associated with intense emotions, can significantly influence your mood, stirring up feelings of warmth and excitement. It’s a colour that stands out, but when paired with neutral shades like white or cream, it adds a splash of vitality without overwhelming your decor.

Handcrafted Quality

At Lucia Rose, we take pride in crafting each wax melt by hand, ensuring you receive a product that is both pet and vegan-friendly. Our Red Wax Melts, like all our products, are designed with quality and sustainability in mind. We use soy wax, mica powder, and bio glitter to create a truly unique experience, ensuring the fragrance lasts longer while being environmentally responsible.

Ease of Use

Each wax melt is shaped like a chocolate bar, featuring 10 individual squares. It’s the perfect size for you to snap off a few squares, and use as and when you need. It’s an effortless way to add a hint of fragrance to your space, filling it with an aroma that’s as captivating as the colour red.

To experience the full potential of our Red Wax Melts, place them in a wax melt burner or an electric wax melt burner. As the wax gently melts, it releases its unique fragrance, transforming your space into a haven of tranquillity.

More Than Just A Product

Investing in our Red Wax Melts is not just about buying a product. It’s about creating an ambience, setting a mood, and making your space truly yours. And with each purchase, you’re supporting a small business that values quality, sustainability, and creativity above all else.

Bring a touch of energy and passion into your home with our Red Wax Melts, and let Lucia Rose add that special touch to your everyday spaces.